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Dean Werk,  Owner -Great River Fishing Adventures

Dean Werk, Owner - Great River Fishing Adventures

We have designed a fantastic line of clothing that we are really excited to introduce to you. For us, the most important part of your fishing experience with us is making sure we provide you with the best of everything, from our boats and equipment, to our guides, we make sure we provide you with the best. The same goes for our gear. We have done our very best to provide you with quality made gear.

We love it and we know you will too!

Our Fishing Trips

Beyond making great fishing gear…

White Sturgeon

How would you like to battle a White Sturgeon?

Great River Fishing Adventures offers you professional guided fishing charters on the Fraser River and many of its surrounding tributaries and lakes. Whether you are seeking an individualgroup fishing trip or corporate fishing trip, we recognize the need for you to experience one of the world’s top sport fishing destinations with a proven and reliable team of expert guides.

Choose us and you will experience a unique angling adventure guaranteed to be unforgettable and rewarding. Imagine having the choice of a wide spectrum of fishing locations such as: the Fraser River, Pitt River, Lilooet River, & Columbia River. Our variety of fishing locales allows for year round fishing and the opportunity to participate in many styles of fishing such as: Fly-Fishing, Single & double-handed spey fishing, sturgeon fishing & steelhead fishing. A different challenge each time you visit!

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